The Undeclared War With France

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The Undeclared War With France At the end of the 18th century, an undeclared war was going on between the United States and France because of the recent XYZ affair; triggering a positive reaction by Federalists like Fisher Ames to convince the authorities to make the war official. Not knowing what to do, President John Adams appointed former-President George Washington as commander of the army to hopefully resolve the issue with France through diplomacy (as was Washington's stance). A close friend of Essex Junto, a group of influential Federalists, Fisher Ames stood out as an offensive speaker to positively press forward with the idea of declaration of war against France. After all, they had begun to cheat the United States from its…show more content…
3 All the thinking had occurred before, whilst the fighting was waiting to happen. In the would-be Quasi-War, the United States would prove to have needed the declaration and full support from the very beginning, and this is what Ames had attempted to spread all along. To have such a former ally be so cruel and destructive upon the United States would be a mockery, when just after, France even copied the nation's actions by starting a revolution of its own against its brutal monarch. Beforehand, France even tried to take its placement as an empire by making efforts to conquer the new and weak United States after its initial founding. They had helped them break away from Britain, but turned around and stabbed them in the back. Democrats were despised by the Federalists at this time, as they were portrayed as unstable and unsure of their place in the international scheme of things, as they made no actions or preparations to attempt a war declaration against France at this time. It was only by the perseverance of Ames and the Federalists that gained the attention of the public and the leaders of the United States that got the actual war started; had it not been for the democratic idea to cease development of the United States Navy when the opportunity arose, there may have been enough security to ensure a safe passage
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