The Underage Drinking Crisis in America Essay

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By definition and federal law, underage drinking is any person under 21 who are consuming alcohol. In 2011, Missouri had 258 total alcohol impaired fatalities. Forty-six, or thirty percent, of these fatalities were under the age of twenty-one (Century Council). Surely, it does not happen in small towns like Warrensburg. Yes, in fact, it does happen in Warrensburg, the reason being it is a college town, and Whiteman Air Force Base is just twenty minutes outside the town. Here are stories of underage drinking incidences that occurred in Warrensburg, Jackson County, and St. Joseph. In October 2008, UCM homecoming night, a second floor fight broke out in Club Blue, a bar down on Pine Street. The fight caused an ‘all-call’, which…show more content…
Before answering these questions, let us look at some background information first. First, what does Missouri law say about underage drinking? Secondly, what are some reasons that may cause minors to start drinking? Lastly, what are possible consequences of underage drinking? Background Missouri law has a lot to say when it comes to minors and their use of alcohol. Some laws are decent, while others are less decent. Let us examine the decent laws first. First, according to the APIS, Missouri law prohibits underage possession of alcohol with no exceptions. Next, State law, also prohibits any internal possession of alcohol by minors, with absolutely no exceptions. Third, the purchase of alcohol by minors is prohibited, with the exception of undercover law enforcement purposes. The next two laws are perhaps part of the problem of underage drinking. These two laws allow for the furnishing of minors with alcohol. Fourth, Missouri law says that furnishing minors with alcohol is prohibited, with the exception of a parent or guardian. Finally, the law of Missouri prohibits social hosting parties, which gives minors access to alcohol, again with the exception of family (APIS). Whatever Missouri law says about underage drinking; the law is only one part of the problem, what about the factors that lead minors to start drinking? Many factors may lead under aged citizens to drink, according to the National Institutes of Health. Here are just a few of them. The first

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