The Underdogs Essay

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HIST 342
The Underdogs
Second Examination (Part I)

Mariano Azuela's The Underdogs tells the story of a dauntless Indian farmer who almost unintentionally rises to a generalship in Pancho Villa's rebel army during the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Though the events that occur throughout the book are not actual events that took place during the revolution, Azuela is able to paint a very realistic picture of the revolution and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of the reader as one witnesses the failure of the rebels. This novel is a great teaching tool that reveals truths of the revolution that would not have been given justice through the traditional historical scholarship. Through fictional characters, Azuela's The Underdogs
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He stares pensively over the precipice and says: "Look at the stone, how it keeps going" (p. 158). Other character is the novel represent those who were faithful follower of these great leaders. These characters include: Manteca, Quail, Pancracio, Meco, Serapio, Antonio, and Venacio. These are all characters who fought and died along side Demetrio and showed faith in their commander in chief. Azuela shows the readers how some followers lost sight of what they were fighting for as the revolution drug on. Furthermore, he also shows how some of the rebels could be ruthless and would subject innocent citizens to mistreatment, as the reader clearly sees through Blondie when he shoots bear bottles off the head of a waiter. The reader is also forced to question the goals of some of the followers as they seem to still where ever they go. Luis Cervantes was a character who portrayed those people who were well educated about the revolution and knew exactly what they were fighting for. Because he was so knowledgeable, he could be looked at as Demetrio's "right hand," as many leaders had trustworthy people they turned to in the wake of the revolution. However, he abandons Demetrio and his men towards the end of the book. This makes the reader wonder if he was tired and gave up on the cause, as many followers of the revolution did, or if he foresaw the defeat of Demetrio and got out while he could. Both of
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