The Underground Economy in Afghanistan

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The underground economy is a very complex structure, functioning outside the restrictions of legal and tax systems (Tradelinks, 2013). It is also vastly known as the world’s fastest growing economy. Afghanistan is a country located in Southern Asia, East of Iran and North and West of Pakistan. According to the official CIA website, the total population of this war-torn country is 31,108,077 (2013). The country of Afghanistan is often in the eyes of the media, and has had some very tough times because of its corrupt reputation. It is a country with many terrorist groups, such as Al Qaeda and Taliban. This essay will explore the underground economy in Afghanistan, specifically, what is happening in the country concerning guns, drugs and…show more content…
Fundamentally speaking, the Taliban is an extremist group that twists the meaning of Islamic teachings and oppresses anyone who may disagree. They have the power to overrule the government, and recruit men everyday by offering $200 of earnings per month, a generous salary compared to the $70 per month that a police officer earns in Afghanistan (IAR, 2012). Although the US military troops have been in Afghanistan for over a decade now, the terrorist groups remain irrepressible. Thirdly, we will take a look at some of the many potential outcomes regarding what is happening in Afghanistan. As we all know, the World changed after the events of 9-11. The main enemy in the war that followed was the Al Qaeda. The UN has been working with Afghan authorities in order to educate the civilians about voting, politics and elections. Further efforts include supporting of respectable governance and the rule of law, training of police, etc. (Global Policy, 2013). However, as stated by the Global Policy website, “in a land torn by violence, warlordism, drug production and intense suspicion of foreigners, these programs seem unreal and very unlikely to succeed” (2013). Hence, one of the potential outcomes for Afghanistan could be the fact that matters stay the same, and get worse day by day. Many sources agree that in order for Afghanistan to have a bright future, Afghans need to start getting along with each
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