The Underground Railroad Is Not Like The Railroad

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The Underground Railroad is not like the railroads that we see today, they were not made of box cars and rails. They were routes that the slaves took to get to freedom, these railways were built or used in late 1786 to 1865. They went from as far west as Kansas, and Texas and as far south as Florida, they all were made to go north to Canada, or to Mexico, or the Caribbean Islands where slavery is illegal. This was an impossible task for the slaves to do on their own. There were many factors on how they found their way and the people who helped them on their journey, which I will discuss later throughout this paper. There over 3000 people who helped the runaway slaves to freedom. (The Underground Railroad).
There are a few that stand out in history: Harriett Tubman, Levi and Catharine Coffin, William Still, John and Jean Rankin, and Captain John Brown. Each of these people has great stories to tell about their journeys and helping the black folk to freedom. Let’s talk about a couple of these famous people for a minute and how they got their names.
“The Conductor or Station Master.” These were the names given to these courageous people, who helped the slaves to freedom and whom also had bounties on their heads for helping these folks to freedom. These folks who we called conductors would go back to the plantations and act as slaves to throw off the white folk who owned them. Also, they had to gain the slaves trust for them to follow these so-called conductors. The first

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