The Underground Railroad Movement Of The South

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Slaves in the south was about one- third od the southern population. Most of the slaves lived either on a small plantations or large farms. The slave owners make their slaves depend on them for everything like food, shealther, and others. Slaves where not allowed to learn how to read and write. The woman that where in slaver were tooking advantage off secual by their slave master. Slaves were allowed to get married and raise large familys eventhought the marriage had no legal basis. Nat Turner led one of the slave revolt, His group had about 75 blacks and they murdered about 60 white people in two days before they where stoped by the militia forces.

the 1780 a movement had started called the underground railroad. The purpose of the underground railroad was to free slaves from the south. There were blacks and whits apart of the underground railroad. In the 1830 the underground railroad was moving, somewhere between 40,000- 100,000 slaves were set free. Harriet tubman was one of the leaders of the underground rail road. She would travel to the south to get the slaves and help led them to freedom. They would travel long and hard to get to their freedom. They would stay at safe houses they were made to hide the slaves just incase their mastor or anyone else came looking for them. The safe house had secret rooms just to protect the slaves from anyone trying to kiil them. This created conflict and tension between the North and South. When Abram Lincoln was elected for
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