The Underground Railroad Essay

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History and Literary Thinking
Underground Railroad
The Underground Railroad was located in the American South. A system created to free slaves in the American South, but it was not actually a railroad or underground it was a secret pathway that slaves took to escape from their master. This pathway that the runaway slave took was very secret. They would know when to go out to the railroad because of the songs that they sung. The Underground Railroad not only helped black slaves but also poor white slaves (Snodgrass). Some of the most important people, who helped with the Underground Railroad, risked their lives to free black and white slaves from slavery because they had experienced slavery themselves and understood the value of freedom.
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For Harriet working on the plantation was very hard, she was hired as a laborer when she was five years old. Harriet’s least favorite place to work was indoors, in her early teen years Harriet was no longer allowed to work indoors so she was hired to be a field hand. Her masters routinely beat and whipped her. In 1844 Tubman married a free black man named John Tubman. Five years later in 1849 her main fear at the time was when the owner of the Broads Plantation died, many of the slaves were scheduled to be sold soon. “After Tubman heard about the future in the new plantation she was supposed to go to. That night Harriet had planned to escape but only told her sister because her husband could not have kept her escape a secret. Harriet took a ninety-mile trip to the mason- Dixon line with the help from the Underground Railroad and the conductors.” (Sahlman.) Tubman had a very successful and safe trip she settled in Philadelphia. A year later Tubman went back to rescues her sister’s family and her husband but it turned out that her husband had moved on and gotten married. In 1857, Tubman settled with her parents in Auburn, New York. When she helped out with the Underground Railroad she was nicknamed “ the Moses of her time.” Tubman made nineteen trips on the underground saving about three hundred slaves all by her self. When she was a “conductor” she had very good tactics of
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