The Underlying Assumption And Goal Of Getting Involved At An Organization

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The underlying assumption and goal of getting involved in an organization is to experience success and earn money to support an ideal lifestyle. In a managerial position, making the right decisions, committing to the best course of action, and convincing the internal and external environment of the organization to accept the business decisions made is vital in order to achieve high standings. Everyone involved in the organization will not always support the decisions that a manager makes, but since employees and customers are needed to make a business operate, it is the manager’s job to utilize behavioral techniques that influence others to change their attitude and reach an agreement. The effectiveness of influence tactics varies based on individuals and the circumstances. For example, an employee is more likely to use rational persuasion when trying to convince a manager to conduct an action as opposed to asking a friend and using personal appeal. Influence is a part of everyday life and everyone, including managers, is affected by it to some degree. Knowing what influence tactics are, when to use them, and what other organizations have discovered in their research on influence can lead to a better idea of how to conduct oneself as a leader and how to be a better role model for your respective organization. The ability to influence others is prevalent in all companies and takes on a different meaning based on the organization. In the field of sales, author Richard

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