The Underlying Cause Of Veteran Suicide

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Complex issues in society are often observed, studied, and researched by respective experts in one particular field. Veteran suicide is one of those issue where this type of academics can sometimes lead to a very narrow view and simplistic solution to the complex issue being observed, studied, or researched. Integrative studies is the study of two or more traditional disciplines in different categories, but excludes the applied fields and professions. As Repko states typical categories include the natural sciences; the social sciences; the humanities; the fine and performing arts; communication; business; architecture; engineering; law; etc… (Repko, Interdisciplinary Research Process and Theory -2nd ed., 2012) This paper will explore two different disciplines to research and identify what are the underlying cause of Veteran suicide and is there a way to combine the two disciplines, biological and psychological into a comprehensive research paper to help prevent suicide in the Armed Forces. An integrative study involves the combining of two or more academic disciplines into one activity. “Interdisciplinary research requires an understanding of the disciplines.” (Repko, Interdisciplinary Research Process and Theory -2nd ed., 2012) It is not enough to simply know of the discipline, but extensive research into a discipline being used to solve a complex issue is needed to find a true interdisciplinary solution. In this research paper Suicide in the Armed Forces and How to
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