The Underlying Causes Of Sexual Behavior

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The underlying causes of out-of-control sexual behavior has led to contentious arguments, since the underlying causes of the behavior determine how it should be treated. This literature review looks at the possible causes of sexual dysfunction in the form of overactive sexual activities. Using internet search terms including sexual addiction, sexual dependency, and hypersexuality, information was gathered on historical and current viewpoints on the causes of such behavior to determine whether overactive sexual activity should be classified as an addiction. Factors including psychological issues, comorbidity issues, and social issues were examined. While there are limited studies that indicate that the brain of those who participate in risky sexual behavior respond in much the same way as those who experience drug addiction, there is strong evidence that these behaviors are brought about by underlying causes such as child sexual abuse and psychological disorders such as bi-polar disorder. Careful examination of the patient’s history should be conducted to determine if overactive sexual activity is due to an underlying condition. Determining the underlying causes of out-of-control sexual behavior is important in order to determine the best way to treat those suffering from its ill effects. In the past, this type of behavior was known as nymphomania and satyriasis. Today, there are a multitude of names for such behavior, including hypersexuality, sexual addiction, sexual
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