The Underlying Issues Of Cannabis Abuse

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The Underlying Issues of Cannabis Abuse
Jeoffery Walton
English 102
The International College of the Cayman Islands

The topic outline
1) The cannabis plant and its ingredients
2) Abuse of cannabis
a) Smoking Cannabis
b) Addiction to cannabis
c) Withdrawal symptoms
d) Effects on the mental health & cognitive development in adolescence
e) Cancer and other illnesses
3) Cannabis for medicinal purposes
4) Law enforcement
5) Conclusion

This paper examines the effects that cannabis abuse has on human health over an extended period. Over the years, some researchers have concluded that continuous use of the drug during adolescence, but not adulthood, could permanently impair cognition and increase the risk for psychiatric diseases. Other studies suggest that heavy use amongst users can cause changes in subjective mental status, brain functioning, and neuropsychological performance. Approximately 9% of those who experiment with cannabis will become addicted, and the treatment for addiction can be challenging, as it often leads to withdrawal symptoms. Consequently, most governments around the globe decided to enact legislation in the early to mid 20th century, to help control its abuse; however, recently, some countries in the Western World have begun to allow its use for medicinal and recreational purposes. All information for the writing of this paper has been…
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