The Underlying Meaning Of Judaism And Islam

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Creative title for religion and etc. – The Underlying meaning of Judaism and Islam. Human existence has thrived and embellished on the topic of religion. Religion has become an important study and learning process that has continued throughout the ages. Religious categorizes have their own way of worshipping, understanding, and practicing but it has been found through studies and textbooks that Judaism and Islam share some common ground. Judaism is a monotheist religion where their stories are found in the Tanakh which is the Hebrew Bible. Jews were known to be nomads but their homeland was in Israel. Jewish history began from the source on the Torah also known as the Pentateuch, the “Five Books of Moses”. Their main goal is striving to obey the one God and do this through the Torah. The Torah can be referred to “God’s will” and “God’s wisdom.” Although Judaism has no single founder God made biblical figures part of a Covenant. “A unique belief introduced into Jewish theology was the idea of a special covenantal relationship between the Jewish people and God. In this contract both are accountable. On the people’s side, obedience to God is expected. On the divine side, God grants special favors and is also bound by his own ethical agreements to the people”(41). The people are to love God above all and obey him. The patriarchs spread messages that the people should follow. God made Abraham, Moses, David, and Noah members of the Covenant. The first patriarch of the
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