The Underlying Truth About Living

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The underlying truth about living in a world of many personalities. The uniqueness about what makes a person who they are, has been a common belief that their personality began developing the moment one is born. Dr. Catherine Monk, a researcher at Columbia University, comments “research indicates that even before birth, mothers’ mood may affect child development.”According to Larson and Buss, most psychological mechanisms have three essential ingredients: inputs, decision rules and outputs.”Although at a young age in life we have not reached the understanding of who exactly we are, personality traits have already been instilled within us. A way one can evaluate one’s personality can be by watching a movie. With the advancement in film…show more content…
Hud is the type of individual who cannot stay home and have a good time like a family does, his family has grown accustomed to his narcissistic personality. Since his family is used to dealing with Hud, he finds no drive or thrill by staying home. Hud is the type of person that goes looking for trouble, and when he can’t find it he creates it. Hud’s characteristics so far are conclusive to psychoanalytic Sigmund Freud and his theory concerning common motives for the need of power and intimacy. Hud shows his need for power and intimacy in the scene when he argues with his father while drunk, Hud tells his father that he will take over his ranch because he has generalized that his father is too old and becoming incompetent to doing what needs to be done. After this intense argument Hud goes to the housemaids home nearby and tries to rape their cook Alma. Freud’s theory refers that many people who suffer from problems with having a successful intimate relationship with another person, is knowing when its conceptual, of which Hud lacks to understand. Hud is the also the type of person that does not like being told no and will do anything, even hurting someone to get what he wants. Study of one’s emotion is another way to observe their personality and how to detect if they have a disorder. This movie’s caption describes
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