The Undisputed Overlords Of The World Wide Web

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Since I often find myself paralysed in thought, I decided it would be better to hurl these ramblings out into the maelstrom of the internet than retain them within my own head. Then, like a warped father figure, I could watch them struggle to survive, stumbling on thin, wavering legs, before falling underneath the onslaught of memes and photoshopped cat pictures, the undisputed overlords of the world wide web. I presume everyone has those days where instead of actually moving from their bed, or their room, or even in some cases their own mind, they instead wonder about the nature of reality and the world around us. I find myself doing this around 90% of the time, and so I 'd expect that if I was thinking anything useful I would long ago have uncovered the truth of the life, unfurled the fabric of reality, and would long since have escaped this paltry existence to spend my eternal life sprawled between this universe and the next watching all of you foolish mortals struggle to survive. Unfortunately this hasn 't happened, and I 'm beginning to suspect it never will. Instead, I thought I 'd trick you all into reading my pointless drivel, and if this has now turned you off the idea, then haha! the joke 's on you, since you already put my hit counter up one. My most common preoccupation is with the notion of death and life ending, the sort of area most commonly monopolised by religion or the depressed. It 's a subject I 've found inherently fascinating since I was a child,

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