The Undocumented Teenagers And Future Generation Of Children

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13% of the United States populations is made up by immigrants. About 11 million are undocumented out of the 40 million foreign-born in the United States. For years, the inherent dignity of undocumented immigrants has been under attack. These attacks are supported by incorrect, misleading statements aiming to dehumanize and belittle an entire group of people ("JUST THE FACTS”). I tremendously believe many of the undocumented teenagers and future generation of children will have a positive impact on our society. They will serve as powerful role models due to their hard work and determination to become successful. Our future depends on future college graduates, and they are well prepared and determined to attend and make great contributions…show more content…
We all want someone in our community and in our society to have a positive impact on the children and maybe your children in the future. If these undocumented teenagers were to receive the opportunity to attend and be able to aspire towards their goals, they would serve as powerful role models due to their hard work and determination to become an important and salient person in our society (Grable). Giving them the chance to reach their goals and seeing them succeed will help pave the way to higher education for siblings, cousins, neighbors, and friends (“THE CASE FOR UNDOCUMENTED STUDENTS IN HIGHER EDUCATION."). Many ask how they can help pave the way for future generations. Well, they exhibit academic achievement, leadership participation and civic engagement patterns that are often above that of their U.S.-citizen counterparts. More than 90 percent report volunteering and 95 percent participated in extracurricular activities. In those activities, 78 percent held a leadership position such as club president (Coughlin). Through their success and determination, undocumented students inspire a whole generation of students to do well in school, think positively about their communities and neighborhoods, and become engaged, informed members of society. I profoundly believe that hard-working, determined people should not be denied the chance to chase their dreams and
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