The Unequal Separation Of African Americans

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African Americans as a whole agree that racial segregation has affected their chances of employment, residency, education and access to proper health facilities. Many have stories and experiences of being qualified for a job but being turned down for being African American. Several experiments have been conducted where an African American would attempt to view homes in diverse neighborhoods and be turned down and white co-workers or friends would call immediately after and be invited to come in. Many African Americans have experienced mental health institutions and health clinics closed down in their neighborhoods while liquor stores, tobacco companies and fast food companies continue to market and open rapidly. The unequal separation of…show more content…
Though racial segregation was outlawed it is still alive and systematically practiced in the United States. This has had extremely detrimental effects on the progression and opportunities offered to African Americans spiraling into various branches of social, economic and political difficulties. Unequal educational opportunities for black students are a huge effect of racial segregation. Education has become a major problem dealing with racial segregation. Education is the foundation of literacy and success in America and African American students and schools are suffering. Schools in the U.S. are retracting back to segregation. As schools districts began to release schools from court order integration schools began to retract increasing test score disparities and national achievement gaps in large amounts not seen in four decades in the south. A national study conducted on the achievement gap between black and white students says “Nationally the achievement gap between whites and blacks during the integration period narrowed but as schools began to be released from court order integration schools became more segregated widening the achievement gap between black and white students” (Jones 1). Because of racial segregation the quality and access to education in African Americans is worsening over the years as school districts stop enforcing integration. But surprisingly, residential segregation has a big play in how well
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