The Unequal Wage Policies At Simpsons Plastic Products Corporation

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The unequal wage policies at Simpsons Plastic Products Corporation may lead to production and political deviance within the company. Production deviance can be characterised by employees leaving early, taking excessive breaks working intentionally slow, and wasting resources. Political deviance can be characterised by favouritism, gossiping, and competing non-beneficially. Women working at Simpsons may engage in production deviance activities due to the unequal wage policies. Fairness refers to the judgements people make about decisions or outcomes that are based on measurements. Fairness cannot be determined by statistics. Fairness involves emotions and perceptions. It depends on what one considers to be fair. What is fair for one person may not be fair to another. A lower wage rate for most female households in the workforce versus male households is a form of direct discrimination. Female workers will perceive this treatment as unfair and may respond with production deviance actions. A reason for women receiving lower wages may be due to favouritism. Women may attempt to compete non-beneficially for their manager’s approval for a potential pay raise.
Another issue at Simpsons may be the reluctance of employees to complete the day’s tasks. Simpsons does not pay overtime. This may really hurt the production capabilities of the company if there are rush orders or deadlines. Generally, workers will produce as much output as they deem fair for the compensation they receive.

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