The Unethical Behavior of the 3rd Brigade, 101st Airborne Division

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3rd Brigade, 101st Airborne Division must face reality. “The kill company” scandal has seriously damaged the image of the US Army, which in turn has challenged the trust the Nation places in its armed forces. More concretely, these events highlighted the need for strengthening the Rakkasans’ ethics standards. Soldiers are not warriors; they are ethical warriors, whose identity relies on two inseparable pillars: ethics principles and operational efficiency. The Army core values reflect this ethical identity and the duties that come with it. Understanding that warriors need solid ethical references, the Brigade will demonstrate commitment to the Army values, invest in ethics education, and engage leadership.
Warrior ethos without military
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American soldiers are ethical warriors. Military ethics and warrior ethos constitute the two fundaments of the Army’s Code of Honor. One cannot be separated from the other. This obligation has applied for ages to those who held power: "science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul," as wrote Rabelais in the early seventeenth century. More than ever, soldiers need ethic references to guide their actions and prevail, especially in a Counter-insurgency environment where excessive use of force jeopardizes mission accomplishment. Whatever the situation might be, soldiers must be able to use their science of war with restraint, discernment, and ethics. Recent bad experiences proved that the Army should advocate this ethical military obligation with humility and determination.
The Brigade will advocate its commitment to the Army’s core values by focusing on Honor, Personal Courage, and Duty because these three values summarize what an ethical warrior must be. The other Army’s values remain important but focusing on three will bring clarity and simplicity. Honor is a “code of personal integrity.” This code ties the Army to the Nation. It is of course the soldiers’ honor to risk their lives to defend the nation. But it is also their honor to fight in accordance with American values. The US Army’s ethical warriors fight their enemies with determination, but respect. Acts of crime, misconduct, and ethical breaches
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