The Unethical Business in the Telecommunication Industry

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Executive summary
The report will have a close look on unethical business about telecommunication industry. We know that a lot of times the rights of consumers are not protected. Because of the much unethical behaviour in the industry, consumers often faced the choices between interest and social morality.
In many cases this report has discovered that the unethical behaviours. The essay will also Analysis of each company and provides recommendations for investors.

This report will look at:
• The unethical behaviour about WorldCom accounting scandal
• The Monopolistic competition about china telecom
• The overcharging behaviour of AT&T
• Recommendations for telecommunication industry
• Conclusion

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• Price Maker: They can decide the price of the product or goods to be sold.
• Price Discrimination: Usually refers to providers of goods or services to different recipients to provide the same level and same quality of goods or Services, Different interview with the different price.
• Single seller: In a Monopolistically competitive markets there are just one or two sellers of the good which produces all outputs. For this reason, the whole market has to serve by a single company, and this biggest company is the same as the whole industry.
• High Barriers to Entry: The competitors are unable to entry this market of the monopoly. We can witness that the triangle part is the Deadweight loss.
Antitrust law or Antimonopoly Act
Competition law, the most famous competition law is antitrust law, is law that stimulative market competes and adjust anti-competitive behavior.
The role of the anti-monopoly law can be divided into four aspects:
Maintain a reasonable market structure improve the efficiency of resource allocation.
Maintenance and promotion of effective competition in the market, promoting the development of economic and technology.
Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and social public welfare.
Economic democracy

Against overcharging
In this case, we can witness that the company is trying to limit the consumers use more data by the
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