The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

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“The unexamined life is not worth living,” Plato says in The Apology. When people think about the great problems facing humanity, their attention tends to turn to issues such as poverty, warfare, pollution, and disease. While these problems are important and urgent, there are other problems which are equally urgent, but often overlooked. Are human beings born with a map for life? Can that map lead people to happiness? If there is a map, every human being can attain happiness easily. Is there any map for seeking happiness? How can people get hold of the ‘map’ to happiness? In order to attain happiness, there are different kinds of religions and philosophies that provide directions. There are many religions around the world that give people…show more content…
Later, over forty Jesus’s disciples worked of the Bible and accounted God’s action in the world. This—The Bible—is what guiding two point two Christian all around the world in today’s world. For Christianity, happiness and God have an inseparable important relation. The Bible, a record of the relationship between God and humans from Christianity, guides people to happiness through God’s world. The Bible says, “Happy are those hearing the word of God and keeping it” (King James version, Luke 11:28). Christians emphasize believing in God and consider happiness as the byproduct of believing in God. It means that if people believe in God, all of them can automatically gain happiness regardless of what kind of situation they are in. In this way, Christians think that when they seek their own happiness first, and God’s will second, they fail to find the achievement that human beings truly seek. The less they concern themselves with their own happiness and the more about God, the happier they can get. In addition, whatever unfavorable event happened, Christians believe that God will take care of them; if happiness did not address by God in this lifetime, it will be addressed in the next. In order to improve oneself, Christians always believe in God and rely on God to forgive and help them. Therefore, deepening the faith and drawing closer to God is the process that can bring real and lasting happiness. People cannot be complete and gain happiness without God in
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