The Unexpected Epic Of Bilbo Baggins 's ' The Hobbit '

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Bilbo Baggins: The Unexpected Epic Hero A heroic protagonist is usually a novel’s most attractive feature. J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit is a classic unexpected hero narrative about a reluctant protagonist who develops along the sides of various extroverted characters on a captivating journey, to become an epic hero. Bilbo only becomes an epic hero after going on an unpredictable journey to the Mountain. With his introverted and reserved persona fading away and his heroic qualities developing, his journey becomes more intriguing with every obstacle and challenge he encounters. Bilbo’s new heroic status can only be seen as the as the direct result of his perilous journey to and from the Mountain with the other characters as the journey forces him to step away from his apprehensive personality and develop leadership traits. At the beginning of the novel, Bilbo is clearly reluctant to leave his reserved lifestyle behind in Bag End to go on a journey. Therefore, when Bilbo discovers Gandalf in front of his home one day, he is quick to dismiss Gandalf’s statement about wanting to go on an adventure. He says “Sorry! I don’t want any adventures, thank you. Not today. Good morning! But please come to tea - anytime you like! Why not tomorrow! Come tomorrow! Goodbye!” (17) However, Bilbo unknowing creates an opportunity for Gandalf to lure him into going on an adventure and leaving his mundane lifestyle behind. The following day, Gandalf shows up for tea, along with…
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