Essay on The Unexpected Loss of a Family Member

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Our family was never close but we didn’t care. Nobody thought one day things might be different. All of that changed on September 20, 2014 when a hostile argument ended with the death of both my aunt and uncle. For years their marriage was falling apart. My aunt was very materialistic and wanted my cousins to have whatever they asked for but in reality my uncle knew it was impossible financially for them to achieve this. He would try to explain this to her but it usually led to arguments where she would then threaten to leave him so in the end she got her way which led to their vast debt. My uncle had a drinking problem but went to AA classes for her to commiserate their marriage and family. The night before this event he had drank…show more content…
Geometry was already a struggle for me before this happened but after I basically gave up on it and quit trying. I still passed with a C that quarter but I knew I had potential for a B or possibly an A. Also, with make up work I just took my time and didn’t bother to put my full effort into because I was so drained physically, emotionally, and mentally because of the death of my aunt and uncle. This experience also impacted the way I acted at home. Before this my mom and I would argue numerous times a day but this tragedy made me appreciate her more. I began to focus more on doing things to help my mom and grandpa out because this was a very depressing and stressing time especially when the fight for custody of the kids came into play. School was now on the back burner and family was number one. Most people would say that’s normal but for me it wasn’t. Nobody in my family had yet been to college and graduated and I wanted to be the first. I was so determined and I was constantly doing my work for school and taking higher classes to hopefully receive a scholarship of some kind to lower the cost because I knew we couldn’t afford it any other way. From this experience I matured in the way I acted at home and overall became closer with my family members because this made me realize it’s all I really have. Although this event negatively impacted my school work I have learned greatly from it. If I were to lose another person close

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