The Unexplained Life Sacrotes

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The unexplained life I believe that this claim could have several meaning. However according to the text and based on my understanding Sacrotes claimed that his trial for heresy. He challenged his students to accept the belief of time and to think of themselves as part of the revolt of the essence of time. People who examine their lives and think about where they have been and how and when they go there will appear to be much happier based on their accomplishments. That being said no one individual has the answer and as an inhabitant of this world we are all faced with the struggles that comes with life. Having a sense of finding your place in life and society’s cluster are able to figure out how all the elements in life fit together as part of our life’s struggles. The implications of ignoring the examination process of our lives is seen as a replica of physical and intellectual self-searching that will help us to identify our true potential. Being able to think about the human’s physical potentials will allow for the in-depth revelation that will enable us to reveal our sense if establishing our self-worth. Our refusal to deal with the inner self will stand as a barrio that will limit our capacity of reaching our full potential. The unexamined life according to Sacrotes perception he feels that this part of life is considered irrelevant. It always a good thing to be aware/conscious of the life that we live as…show more content…
Sacrotes ultimate belief is “examined life was the attainment of wisdom and the intellectual aspects of humanity” Sacrotes. The perception of the average person should be to strive to establish a level of understanding of oneself in understanding those who influence us as well as our intellect to reflect a positive influence on the people we will encounter during our life
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