The Unforgettable Cruise Of Hawaii And The Seagull Friend Essay

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The Unforgettable Cruise to Hawaii and the Seagull Friend “Worldly fame, power, and money are all great values in life; but the greatest value of all, in life, is love.” Christian muse’s to himself as he walks down the stairway of the San Francisco airport terminal. He makes his way to the taxi ward for a ride to the Sunshine cruise liner. It will be en route from San Francisco, California to Honolulu, Hawaii. It will pass through vast seas, emerald tropical islands, and reflect the beauty of the ocean life. For all this Christian will walk down its planks, as liken unto a rich man. In reality, he is a low class, paycheck to paycheck, average built, six ft. 2in. dark-haired, ordinary, country guy. He would have likely never done this, had it not been for her. Rose is the tall, slim, beautiful Thai girl that came into his life and finally, can take her hand, as they walk their way to this Pacific honeymoon. Unknown to Christian and Rose, this voyage is will bring them the adventure, Golden Ties, and love of their lifetime.

Christian and Rose arrive at the cruise just before it launches. They climb on board and find their palace cabin. Just then, they heard the ship plunge into the waves of the vast ocean. Overhead, a seagull flies. Then it is gone; into the light, misty fog. Later, the seagull returns, with it, the sun, as it sets in the deep of the west. The water sparkles like prisms. Above this, is a cruise. On its deck, soaking in the sunlight, is the happiest couple

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