The Unfortunate Reality Of Africa 's Water Problem

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The Unfortunate Reality of Africa’s Water Problem

Intro, statistics- Water scarcity is defined as the lack of sufficient water resources to meet the demands of usage in different regions. Worldwide, 782 million people lack access to safe and sanitary water, 37% of those people live in Sub-Saharan Africa. According to World Health Organization (2006), in 2004, only 16% of those in Africa had access to drinking water through a household connection. According to an estimation done by the United Nations, Africa alone loses 40 billions hours per year collecting water. (World Health Organization, 2015) Currently in Africa over 300 million people have no access to clean water. That is 40% of the total population, and 60% of the population
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Volunteer work A good friend of mine, Abbie lumani spent three weeks on the reserves of Kenya with a program called Me to We, the sister company of Free The Children. While in Kenya, she participated in a ‘water walk’ making a 5K trek to gather water for the village. After returning to home, Abbie’s experience facing adversity inspired her to make a difference. Abbie created the organization, “Picture This- Quenching Kenya’s Thirst” a 5K and 10K run to raise money towards clean water projects in Kenya. After hearing Abbie’s story, I couldn’t help but want to get involved to make a difference. On July 8th, 2012 I volunteered to help out which was a wonderful experience, seeing so many people come out to raise money for an amazing cause. Over $10,500 was raised and all proceeds went directly to Free The Children. Everyone was so involved and excited to make a difference, Quenching Kenya’s Thirst launched their second annual 5K and 10K run on July 7th, 2013 which I took part in again and upped the previous years total raising over $14 000. Being a part of this was an amazing experience which gave me a very different outlook on things, and inspired me to continue to get involved to help Africa’s water crisis. Figure 1.2 is a photo captured on July 7th at Gibbons Park, London Ontario.
Quenching Kenya’s Thirst Run Figure 1.2

Water Diseases-
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