The Unfortunate Woman in The Necklace by Guy Maupassant

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People can be easily destroyed by one false action and being ungrateful for something someone want. Women especially in the 1800’s were attracted by costly clothing and adornments. Their birth, grace, and charm served them for both birth and family(Moss and Wilson 1). Guy Maupassant was born in France in 1850. He is famous for twisted and unexpecting endings in his short stories. Maupassant always had distaste towards women since his previous unhappy marriage, and he was cruel to women in his life and in fiction. This led him to writing “The Necklace”. “The Necklace” is about a woman who wants more beauty and she loses a necklace, which changes her physical appearance, and makes her life catastrophic. Guy Maupassant develops the theme that you should should be grateful what you have through the use of irony, foreshadowing, and mood. First, irony has a main role in “The Necklace”.“Oh, my poor Mathilde. But mine was only paste. Why, at most it was worth only five hundred francs” (Maupassant 233). She had a beautiful necklace loaned to her from Madame Forestier, her friend, and Mathilde finds out that it is fake. It only costed 500 francs, which meant that it was not even expensive. “The pearls but highly artful imitation and that their passionate penance has ruined them for nothing” (Steegmuller 1). The pearls from the necklace were fake and it did not cost that much. Mathilde and her husband took precautions about the necklace for nothings. “Yes, I’ve had hard time since

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