The Unhealthy Diet of College Students Essays

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The Unhealthy Diet of College Students People eat food every day without thinking twice about it, because it is a necessity for us to live. How often do you think about what is in the foods that you eat? How many calories does it have? Are there any vitamins and minerals in it? Is it high in fat? For most of us and especially college students who live a busy life on the go, the answer to that question is probably no. Since becoming a recent graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania Academy of Culinary Arts, I have been more interested in food and what people are eating. Also since more young Americans are becoming obese I want to find out what they are eating and where. Going to college and seeing how students have poor…show more content…
I did two interviews and during them I tried to ask some more in-depth questions such as: where do you usually eat when you dine out? How often do you go grocery shopping and what do you buy? Where do you usually eat on campus and why? I also observed two of my roommates and what they bought when they went grocery shopping? I looked for whether they would buy healthy or unhealthy foods to eat? All of these methods are a good ways to test my hypothesis because they all work well together. The surveys start me off with some broad questions then the interviews elaborate on them. Finally, I then observed what I found out to see if it was true? For the first part of my research I developed a survey about food and then passed it out to ten random people inside the cafeteria. After reviewing the surveys I found many similarities between college students. For the first part of my survey I wanted to find out if the students ever cooked for themselves before coming to college and if they had a home cooked meal made for them everyday while at home? I found out that half the students had cooked for themselves before coming to college and that eighty percent had a home cooked meal prepared for them. The next questions that I wanted to find out were about students and how they eat, while at school? Do you have a meal plan? How many times a week do you eat out? And how often do you eat out of vending machines? Also what is your favorite food? I
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