The Unhealthy Hospital Case Study

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The unhealthy hospital case is about a hospital named Blake Memorial that has been in a very bad shape, lacks in providing the best quality of care, is in debt, and financially imbalanced. It is important for a healthcare set up to maintain balance in the financial system so the stakeholders and customers who are the patients their interests are met. If the hospital is lacking in providing the best quality of care for its community and the community is in high needs of the care than the CEO’s of the hospitals need to make a change. The patients (customers) look for getting the best services and better results from a hospital and the stakeholder’s looks for better profitable gain from their business by running the hospitals. In this case…show more content…
He tried to talk to the CEO of St. Barnabas but he said, “Competition is the only way to survive” (Kovner, p. 137). Blake Memorial Hospital was already in a huge debt and Reid could only borrow a certain amount since the hospital had to pay its previous debt, so Reid thought of cutting down the costs. He also thought closing down the clinics would give a great boost to the financial condition of Blake Memorial leading to provide better quality of care for the patients. But there was a debate about closing the clinics because the director of clinics of Blake Dr. Susan Russell didn’t want the clinics to shut down. She argued that the patients that visit the clinics they wouldn’t visit the hospital even if they were getting free transportation provided. Reid was confused about how he should improve the quality of care and manage the financial records of his hospital that was in charge of. He asked Dr. Russells to send him the report of clinics records to see what kind of patients come in and for what services. Strengths: In this unhealthy hospital case there weren’t many strengths to be seen from reading the case because lot of negative sides of the hospital were mentioned. Renovating the building and fixing all the leakages that are occurring so it actually looks like aesthetic place so the patient’s can actually feel more comfortable with a better looking place for their treatment. By keeping in mind of the long

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