The Unification Of Italy After Unification

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The Unification of Italy

Before Unification
Before unification, Italy was made up of several small countries. These separate countries seemed to share a common culture and language. From these similarities many people wanted to unify in nationalism. Napoleon had invaded Italy in 1796, so unification was not possible until he was defeated in 1814.

A map of Italy before Unification.
After Napoleon’s downfall Italy was made up of: Kingdom of two Sicilies, The Papal states, the Austrian empire, Duchy of Parma, Duchy of Modena, Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the only real independent state was Piedmont Savoy. In 1848, revolutions swept through Europe- Milan and Venice fought against the Austrians, the sicilians fought against Naples for independence, and Rome fought for social reforms.
French troops were sent into Rome to reinstate the pope, they remained there for a while.
The sicilians were crushed in their endeavors and in the north the Austrians beat the rebels and the kingdom of Sardinia who tried to help them. From these results it can be concluded that the first Italian war for independence was a failure. Victor Emmanuel the second, the king of Sardinia realised that he would need powerful allies to achieve independence.
He and his prime minister Count Camillo Benso di Cavour sent troops to Crimea to help fight the Russians with the French and British, in hope of gaining allies. The next step he took was to give France Nice in return for their help in fighting…

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