The Uniform Commercial Code ( Ucc )

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The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) in the private sector and the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) are the documents that govern contract formation in the private verses public sector industry.
UCC regulates commercial transactions between merchants, individuals, and across state lines (except Louisiana, where common law prevails). The intent of UCC was to simplify the law, clarify it, modernize, as well as codify uniformity for commercial transactions. The formation of a contract by the UCC is intended to protect the seller and/or the buyer (neutral in nature) as well as vice-versa. The FAR is however different in nature as it is intended to protect the taxpayer (government). Having a first-hand experience with the UCC (post-PROC 5280), I had purchased a new canopy for our recreational vehicle when driving down the road the canopy come flying off causing minor damage to the vehicle. As the buyer, I immediately contacted the store and then brought the vehicle into the store. The manager told me he could not be responsible for the damage or the repair after the vehicle left the lot. I asked the manager to look up UCC § 2-314 implied warranty at which time he said, he was not aware of this policy and would contact the general manager. The company completed all the repairs of the vehicle at their expense.
The Federal Acquisition Regulation organizes the mandatory terms and conditions to form a binding agreements and contracts between the federal government and…
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