The Uniform Commercial Code and Its Concepts: The Impact on International Commerce

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Uniform commercial Code The paper is based on the Uniform Commercial Code and its concepts. The description of the paper also looks at the impact of the Uniform Commercial Code on the international commerce as well as the effects it has on the international or worldwide commerce. Generally, Uniform Commercial Code was majorly designed so that it can coordinate as well as harmonize the statutes, practices and regulations within every of the 50 states and the international community in connection to commercial transactions. Indeed, Uniform Commercial Code directly or indirectly impacts international commerce that involves United States and other countries. Since establishment of Uniform Commercial Code, it has had direct impact on the international commerce. It is through international commerce that importation and exportation among the countries have been facilitated and this has given nations opportunity to take competitive advantage for their enhancement. Uniform Commercial Code has offered goods and services to the business in improving the quality among the international marketing. When there is growth, the international trade becomes popular within the global organizations. Due to this development, the organizations in smaller regions will have the opportunity to compete their products against the popular regions. Uniform Commercial Code has significantly contributed in establishment of uniform laws that governs commercial transactions from United States to other

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