The Uniform Crime Reporting System Essay

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According to O’Brien (1985) The Uniform Crime Reporting system (UCR) was developed in the 1920’s in order to create a system that would report crime uniformly across the many different jurisdictions in the United States. For the purpose of this paper I am going to discuss the debate between the relationships of the overrepresentation of minorities in crime statics and if the results are biased based on race. There is a debate regarding the accuracy of the statistics provided by official data resources such as UCR and NIBRS in regards to racial disparities. The fact that racial or social class bias does have an impact on what crimes are reported and the neighborhoods that have the highest police presence does lead inevitably to an…show more content…
The collaboration of the three factors of a high police presence in cities, low income neighborhoods in cities, and high minority populations living in cities leads to the crime rates for minorities being disproportionate. Harris and Shaw (2000) describe this relationship between race and crime as an actual viewing of the relationship between race and occupation/ social class. An individual’s occupation generally leads to the individuals place in society whether the individual will belong to the upper, lower or middle classes are important. Harris and Shaw (2000) stated that the viewing of criminal statics does not show a racial problem but otherwise reflects the United States social structure in which the poor are more susceptible, prone, and willing to commit crime. Harris and Shaw (2000) stated that the poor are also more likely to be caught due to living in areas where there is a higher police presence than upper class or even middle class neighborhoods leading to a disproportionate statistical relationship between crime and race.
The main strength of UCR data is that it provides information on crime patterns and trends in various offense categories, as well as patterns in the overall crime in the United States. The goal of the UCR was to produce relevant, objective and accurate statistics to keep the users of the UCR well informed about crime data and to possibly assist the
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