The Uniform Resource Locator ( Url )

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What are the URL and Cookies? The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the first information used to specify or access a page on the worldwide web. It can identify any network resource which has a connection to the Internet, such as text pages, images, music or video links. URL parameters are ones which establish dynamic values for a webpage and can be easily accessed by its template and data source. “This makes pages incredibly dynamic, enabling a single page to power an endless number of views” (Symphony,2012). For example, the URL of Saint Joseph’s University is As soon as the parameters in this URL are set, it filters the data source that draws the proper entry from the “concepts” section. Like we can see the Blackboard URL of SJU is We know that all concept views of this URL are powered by a single page. When we create a website, it is important to keep the URL short and simple- one which people will instantly know what content is likely. If you’ve done this, then you’ve done a great job (Rand, 2008). People can easily remember it and share it with their friends or colleagues by copying and pasting, emailing, or writing it down. Also search engines will pick up on it quicker and put it much higher when visitors use the keywords to search. Cookies are generally small text files which store our browsing information and they are usually stored in our Browser’s directory (BBC,
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