The Uniform and Linen Company: SWOT Analysis and Recommendations

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Uniform & Linen is not especially well differentiated from its competition. There are a few different points on which U&L can differentiate price, types of services offered, and geographic scope. In this case, the company has a North American scope, which is as good as its best competitor. The range of services offered is fairly comprehensive, and again this matches other top competitors. In terms of price, there is no indication that U&L competes on the basis of price. Therefore, the company appears to have a differentiated strategy. It appears to be positioned as a premium provider, focused on the range of services and the ability to work with customers who operation across North America. There are doubtless other competitors who also offer a similar range of services and have a similar scope of service delivery, but there are few that are superior. Some, however, are likely to have an inferior offering, and would therefore be forced to either compete on price or as highly differentiated service providers. A SWOT analysis is a useful tool to help managers of a company understand how its internal strengths and weaknesses match up with the opportunities and threats in the market (, 2012). The company's strengths, therefore, are in its geographic scope, its service scope and its established brand name. We can see U&L's competitors as being a firm similar, and a firm that is a specialist in one aspect of the company's business. Compared to the specialist, U&L is

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