The Union Citizenship Is An Empowering Trait Of The Eu And It Grants Essay

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The union citizenship is an empowering trait of the EU and it grants its citizens equal rights, treatment and protection. Citizens who wish to work and reside in another member state of the union are not only protected by the union citizenship but also from the free movement of persons, a fundamental freedom of the EU. The first issue in the problem is whether the Romanian family is entitled to enter and reside in the UK. Free movement of workers established in Article 45 TFEU, specifies that EU citizens are allowed to freely move within the union for the purpose of employment. Even though not yet a worker, Anton has the right to enter and reside in another member state as a citizen of the union, for the period of three months under no conditions, as long as he holds valid travel documents. His children are also entitled to the same right, as they are dependents under the age of 21, thus classify as family members. Regarding Mirela, in order for her to be considered a family member, she must either have marital relations with Anton or to be his registered partner. Yet, Mirela’s stay could be argued with the ruling in Reed , where two unmarried companions were allowed to reside in the host member state, based on the principle of non-discrimination. Mirela is also allowed to enter and reside in the UK for up to three months and she also obtains the right to work in the country since she is as well a citizen of the union. If the family wishes to reside in the UK
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