The Union Of Korean Trade Unions

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Gregory Baumanna Overview: In December 1996 and January 1997, there was a massive four week nationwide strike in South Korea in protest against newly passed labor laws which gave employers more power to lay off employees, made it easier to hire temporary/strike replacing workers and put off allowing multiple unions to be formed at a given enterprise. This resulted in the mobilized three million workers, which shut down auto/ship production, disrupted hospitals, subways and television. The two main unions involved were the The Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU) and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (FCTU). This strike was notable due to its consistently high levels of worker participation and high level of public support. Two…show more content…
Many companies attempted to institute practices that would allow for cost cutting such as reliance on contract workers and part time workers, in addition to allowing for voluntary retirement and adopting a no work no pay policy. These moves were actively opposed by labor groups and the need for labor refom became clear. This belief also led to South Korea’s New Korea Party (NKP) creating the Labor-Managrement Relations Reform Committee (LMRRC) on May 9th of members of various labor interist groups, university professors and lawmakers. Its 30 members held several public hearings on the creation on new labor policies and created the New Labor Law. This new Labor law was the result of a 1996 Changes would make it easier and legal for companies to lay off workers, increase the legal work-week by 12 hours and allowing companies to modify working hours, makes the use of scab labor during strikes legal and outlawing strike-pay. Cause: Government says changes are necessary to make South Korea “more competitive with other developing economies” that are emerging as competitors to Korea. The committees that had been created were unsuccessful in creating a new labor bill after six months of hearing so the NKP decided to create a new secret committee to create the bill on December 3rd. Then on
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