The Union Of The European Union

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Brexiters are angry now, especially after US President Barrack Obama 's recent visit to the United Kingdom. They are so angry and troubled that they descended into ad hominem against the US president. President Obama was in London to with the Queen her happy 90th birthday and tell the British people that voting to leave the European Union in the 23 June 2016 referendum is a terrible idea. It was in sharp contrast to what the Leave campaigners had been promising them. The Leave campaigners have been trying to create a bubble that Britain outside the European Union will be a prosperous paradise at the center of universe, free from pesky European countries. But Obama punctured their bubble by telling the British that Britain outside the EU will be less powerful, less secure, and less prosperous and it will have to wait for five to 10 years to sign a trade agreement with the United States. Boris Johnson, the leader of the Leave campaign and mayor of London, was so angry that he descended into the invective. He said President Obama had anti-colonial mindset obtained from his Kenyan father. Although the reference was made to the removal of British Prime Minister Churchill 's from the Oval Office, the mayor was angry because of his intervention on behalf of the Remain campaign. The anger has been on the rise, especially after the latest opinion polls have given about 3% edge to the Remain campaign over the Leave campaign. Before that, Britain was divided almost in the middle at

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