The Union Of The Freedmen 's Bureau

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RECONSTUCTION By Shawnee Hardman A Vermont farmer by the name of Marshall Harvey Twitchell, he was a part of the Freedmen’s Bureau. This agency was a part of the federal government, and what they did was to help freed the slaves that were in stress about the war, there rights, and where they would next be put. Mrs.Twitchell was sent to Louisiana. “I was informed that black and white had to change the relations from master and slave to employer and employee, giving them the additional information and it was the order of the government that old master and slave should remain where they have been [and] work as usual in the harvesting of the crop, at which time blacks would fix the pay of the ex-slave in case he and his former master did not agree about the amount”. And he also stated “I expected all to obey and should not hesitate to enforce obedience from both employer and employee.” (Twitchell, 1989) As this kind of agreement spread more and more the slaves felt the need and desire to become a part of this. They didn’t know if it would ever get any better then what they already had. However, several white men still weren’t okay with the idea of slaves having a little more say. African Americans were beaten in school called names and pushed around. The fight for equality and fairness in the reconstruction era continues. Whites could not accept blacks, in my opinion the hatred was towards the black mostly out of fear, Fear that it would happen to the white people. The

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