The Union Of The Great Britain

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Millions of Patriots had risked their lives for many decades to fight for their independence to get away from the tyrannical Great Britain who tended to abused their powers. Patriots were fed up with the British government who had overwhelmed colonist to pay for an absurd amount of taxes which was a reason why Americans gain their independence in the first place and created a new nation. However, what they did not expect from their new nation was that it resembled to the Great Britain. The new nation was now facing similar problems that the people experienced in Great Britain. One example was when state legislatures began increasing taxes in order, to pay off the large debts after the war. The confederation had many strength and weakness.…show more content…
One time the confederation asked certain states to provide 8 million dollars for the national government and the states only sent them 420,000 dollars and since the Confederation government could not impose their laws they had to accept the little money that was offered. Most of the time states did not support the government and since there was no law to force them to help, the government budget had very little money. The states were too lethargic to create a strong national government. Therefore, Congress had to rely on printing paper money which would eventually lessen the dollar value. Seven years of combat had bankrupted the new nation. Many farmers found themselves in accumulating debts and taxes. “In fact, during the 1780s, most Americans paid three times as much in taxes as they had under the British tyranny” (Shi 206). The patriots who had fought for their independence to get away from the powerful British government were now facing the same problem in the new nation which is the increase in taxes. At first the people objected to “no taxation without representation” in the British government and now they are objecting “taxation with representation” in their own new nation (Shi 206). Many farmers had lost their lands since most of them could not afford it anymore and some farmers were imprisoned if they were not capable of paying off their debt. Those who served in the war were never paid for their services. Many
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