The Union Of The United States

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On December 20, 1860, just a little over a month after the election of Abraham Lincoln, South Carolina seceded the union. Becoming the first state ever to do so, and this action set the example for similar results to happen in fellow slave holding states; throughout the beginning of 1861. Although South Carolina had come very close to secession before, first during the nullification crisis of 1832, and again at the State Convention of 1852, it would ultimately come to a breaking point after the of Election of 1860. Though the full severity of this movement was played down at first in Northern newspapers at first, the real gravity of the situation would soon be felt throughout the Union. This election became the last straw in a series of rising tensions between a slave holding south and an abolitionist north. These hostilities that lead to this instance are well documented in newspapers and editorials from this period. As well as from novels from McPherson, Freehling, Wooster, and Barney. What makes this instant so noteworthy is there would be no turning back after this day, without a brutal and devastating war over ideologies. A shift in view from un warranted laws, to a shift in the protection of slavery; which the South Carolina saw as their protection of state sovereignty.

The first talk of Southern Secession was in the South Carolina Ordinance of Nullification passed on November 24, 1832. This was in response to the tariff Acts of 1828 and 1832 put into place by…
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