The Union Policy Of The European Union

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What most people don’t realise is just how deeply being a member of the European Union affects us in our everyday lives. It doesn’t just affect our law and big political issues but also our culture, the NHS and job prospects. In this essay I will only be focusing on a tiny amount of the issues raised out of the enormous range including how being a member of the European Union affects our laws, jobs and immigration. I will try to weigh up all of the arguments for each side and, hopefully, come to a conclusion.
Whether being a member of the European Union is the best thing for the United Kingdom is a very complex issue with many different layers, therefore, making it hard to reach a definite and final verdict without spending years deciphering what this all really means. One of the most frequently discussed issues is that of immigration. This debate tends to focus on the European Union policy of an internal market that allows people within the European Union to be free to move, live, study and trade anywhere else within the European Union. For example this affects United Kingdom citizens when they go on holiday as there are no customs limits and not many border controls across the European Union (the United Kingdom however is one exception to this as it does have a border control system). Also, this allows the elderly to retire abroad and still receive their pension money as long as they stay within the European Union and means that UK citizens’ can get emergency…
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