The Union Policy Of The European Union

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What most people don’t realise is just how deeply being a member of the European Union affects us in our everyday lives. It doesn’t just affect our law and big political issues but also our culture, the NHS and job prospects. In this essay I will only be focusing on a tiny amount of the issues raised out of the enormous range including how being a member of the European Union affects our laws, jobs and immigration. I will try to weigh up all of the arguments for each side and, hopefully, come to a conclusion. Immigration Whether being a member of the European Union is the best thing for the United Kingdom is a very complex issue with many different layers, therefore, making it hard to reach a definite and final verdict without spending…show more content…
This policy evidently has many benefits however most people are seemingly only concerned with the fact that it allows anybody within the EU to immigrate to the UK and we can’t refuse them. There has been a huge increase of the number of people coming to live in the UK over the past few years with the UK population reaching 64,596,800 in June of 2015 – almost half a million more than the previous year . However you have to remember that this influx of immigrants isn’t just happening in the United Kingdom, it is happening throughout the world on a major scale. For example it was reported that by the 7th June 2015 that over 50,000 migrants had already arrived in Italy after crossing the Mediterranean Sea –from Libya- in treacherous conditions and this is deemed to be only the beginning. There has been a 750% increase in the amount of migrants going to Greece this year, 63% of which are from Syria . The main issue that arises is over who should take these immigrants into their countries within the EU as there are many plans being drawn up to relocate some of them through a quota system, however not everyone wants this. The British Prime Minister David Cameron is one example of people who want to reject the proposal about enforcing quotas of immigrants in EU countries (due to public opinion) and he is not alone in this as many others are of the same view; these include most of
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