The Unique Influence of Robert Frost's Work

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Robert Frost is a very well-known poet. Many people were and still are influenced by him and his works. There were different things going on in his life that sometimes impacted his writing, but it never changed the result of his fine works. There are several things that make Frost famous and unique from others. Several people were influences in Frost’s life. His father was a journalist but died when Frost was only ten years old. His mother then took the family to Lawrence, Massachusetts where they had recently lived for generations (Stern). All of the craftsmen jobs he had growing up influenced his later writing. He attended Harvard with the intention of teaching Latin, but he bought a poultry farm instead to live there and write poetry (Hunt 1612). When Frost married and moved to Great Britain, he met several British poets who encouraged him. Edward Thomas, who died in World War One, was one of them. The other poet he met was Ezra Pound; he also was encouraged by her. A poet named Allen Ginsberg admired Frost, even though Frost would not of approved of his poetry. English poets such as Lascelles Abercrombie and T.E. Hulme were also influences in his life (“Monkeyshines on America”). Frost was one of the first to establish and hold a university position. He also encouraged young poets by creating a summer program called Bread Loaf (Stern). Frost’s family raised poultry on a farm near Derry, New Hampshire for nine years. It influenced Frost to take ownership of the farm to

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