The Unique Lifestyle in the Roaring Twenties

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The 1920s; more commonly known as the ‘roaring twenties’ were a time of fast paced life, and prosperity for most Americans. Many more people and families were living in cities, and more urban areas rather than rural. For the first time, the roles of men and women were more equal than ever before in the household, as well as the work force. The economic prosperity in families gave more time to sit back and take advantage of the new technologies, and media in the period. Individuals had more leisure time and the opportunity to explore their own interests in books, music, movies, sports, fashion and current events. Despite the positive aspects of this age, there were hostilities, and tensions throughout society that were omitted. It may seem like a time of flawless prosperity, but the era was unsteady at the second rise of the Ku Klux Klan, nativism, fundamentalism, prohibition, and Sacco and Venzetti. These examples are all contributors to the social conflicts in the 1920s, which left a lasting impression in the future, along with the downfall of society. As more people were migrating from rural areas to more urban areas, the idea of fundamentalism was in full rise (Garraty). The idea of fundamentalism, which rejects the known theory of evolution, and all of the knowledge of the influence and the creation of the universe and all of its inhabitants, was the lead of controversy and hostilities. Public schooling in the 1920s granted a big issue on the ideas of fundamentalism
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