The Uniqueness Of The Kodaly Method

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Chapter One The Uniqueness of the Kodaly Method Zoltan Kodaly chose a child-developmental approach when developing his method. This approach teaches skills in the order and pace in which the child develops rather than subject logic. “In a subject-logic approach there is no relationship between the order of presentation and the order in which children learn easily. The subject matter is simply organized in a fashion that seems reasonable in terms of content.” The subject-logic approach rhythmically begins with the whole note and progresses in a manner that is mathematically reasonable, proceeding next to the half note and then to the quarter note. This progression is, however, very difficult for a beginning student who has not yet even learned how to feel a basic beat. Melodically speaking, the diatonic major scale is the general starting point from a subject-logic approach. This also causes issues because the average young child cannot accurately sing a diatonic major scale. “According to research, most children are able to sing a range of only five or six tones and cannot produce half steps in tune.” Unlike the subject-logic approach, the child-development approach of the Kodaly method requires arranging subject matter into patterns that align with the sequence of normal child abilities at various stages of growth. Rhythmically speaking, moving rhythms are more child-related than sustained rhythms. Children can relate a rhythm such as steady beat quarter

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