The Unit That I Chose To Reflect On Is Unit 8 From The

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The unit that I chose to reflect on is unit 8 from the book Building with Living Stones. The title of this unit is “A Franciscan perspective on the economy and the global reality.” The first section of the unit is an introduction into the life of Francis, the son of a wealthy merchant. This section also illustrates his transformation from being wealthy to extremely selfless. The second short section gives the reader a simplified version of Francis’s conversion which was the result of him responding to the social context in which he lived. The third section includes information about Francis’s relationship with his father, Pietro Bernadone, the economic status of Assisi during the time of Francis and Clare, and societies view of the poor.…show more content…
Both of these justice issues are obvious to members of the community. Luckily, La Crosse has several resources available to people who are homeless or are living in poverty with the Salvation Army being the most popular resource. The Salvation Army provides men, women, and families with the following services: three meals a day, a place to sleep, case management, referrals to other community resources, alcohol and drug abuse counseling, employment education and assistance, and shower and laundry facilities. As stated earlier, this is just one resource of many that is available to members of the community. The wisdom of Francis and Clare speaks to our global concerns and economic issues in a variety of ways. Both Francis and Clare practiced gift spirituality which means that they believed that all good things come from God and they must be shared with others. Consequently, they also believed that material items are for individual use rather than just for possession. Francis preached that everyone should be treated as equals regardless of his or her socioeconomic status. He was able to put himself into the same situations that the poor were encountering by giving up all of his valuables and living a life in poverty. As a result, he was able to discover the values of the poor from their point of view. When Francis encountered someone, who was even poorer than himself, he couldn’t help but grieve due to his compassion for the
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