The United Arab Emirates

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The United Arab Emirates is currently adjusting to the balance of modernization and tradition. The United States of America has an important participation in this endeavor.Different beliefs, opinions, and views from people inside and outside the United Arab Emiratesabound regarding the matter involving free speech, media, and trademark laws in the country. The foundation and goal that was set by the UAE government in creating these laws resulted in the similarities and differences of the perspectives of the society. The events in UAE have considerable effect in the American economy due to the economic ties between the two countries.
Words, signs, figures, pictures, or any other mark utilized in identifying a service or product is called a trademark (UAE Media Law, n.d.). In the UAE, some trademarks that may not be registered are like the flags, geographical names, and public emblems. The registration period of trademarks is ten years, and can be applied for renewal for another ten years. The significance and advantages of trademark protection in promoting a prosperous local economy were acknowledged by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan(UAE Media Law, n.d.). Registered trademarks in the UAE are protected by the law, which had an amendment through Law No. 19 of 2000 and Law No.8 of 2002. Trademark protection preserves the interests of both consumers and businesses in the UAE. The description of trademarks, procedures for trademark registration and cancellation, signs that are…

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