The United Arab Emirates ( Uae ) Essay

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Business ethics is something that is present every day in business. It is defined as the application of generally accepted ethical principles in the process of business individuals and companies. It refers to the accuracy and fairness, expectations of society, fair competition, advertising, social responsibility. Regardless of race, religion, language and other characteristics, business ethics is always present in the operations of an enterprise, but it differs from culture to culture, from country to country. This paper will point out the importance of cultural differences, familiar traditions, specific and detailed analysis of business culture, normal levels of communication and differences of the United Arabic Emirates (UAE). The United Arabic Emirates is one of the most successful and richest nations in the world. Mentality and culture are completely different from that of European and American people. Arab business culture has its own traditions and laws that should be respected and understood. The possibility of understanding their culture and religion will enable you to establish a high-quality business relationship with the Arabs. The vast majority of the Arab people are of Muslim faith, that affects every aspect of their lives. The first step in understanding the Arabs is understanding their religion. It is also an important factor in the Arab business world. Business greeting Status is very important in the United Arab Emirates. It is normal to use the terms:

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