The United Automobile Workers ( Uaw )

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The United Automobile Workers (UAW) is a labor union that represents workers in North America. It has the employer’s welfare in mind in the manner of a health insurance plan, improved working conditions, better working hours, and higher wages. The UAW has received a great deal of criticism over the years for being responsible for the “death of the auto industry” in America. With its influential history and the issues members have faced over the course of the years, an analysis can be made of the way the group performs and the media attention that the group has generated. The UAW believes in social justice for its workers and providing quality automobile products to the public while creating success for its members, company investors and clients. The UAW has had an extensive history in America for the 80 years. It was founded on May 1935 in Detroit Michigan under the American Federation of Labor until the AFL suspended the union thus enabling the UAW to form a rival federation of unions called the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO). It infamously formed a sit-down strike compiled of 22 delegates in 1935, at General Motors in Flint Michigan. Proving successful at GM plant, it later addressed other companies such as Chrysler and Ford, later gaining recognition of the UAW as an appointee. When America went to war with Japan in 1942, the UAW voted to make a “no strike” pledge to not impede war effort. Subsequently the UAW became the first union to hold a Women’s
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