The United Bank Of Switzerland

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During the past two decades there has been a proliferation of derivatives transactions in financial markets. Derivatives, specifically options and futures contracts, are useful financial instruments for a plethora of reasons, the most important being to hedge risk. Because risk is universal to all businesses, derivatives have effortlessly saturated financial markets. Although these investment opportunities have provided insurance against fluctuations in financial markets, they’ve also opened a door for scandalous activity and irresponsible trading. With derivatives still being a young tool for investors, there has been a significant amount of corporate catastrophes stemming from derivatives trading. The United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) is…show more content…
The Corporate Center has their largest offices in Switzerland and the Americas and focuses on the core functions of the firm. These core functions include finance, risk management, human resources, marketing, legal & compliance, corporate real estate, and capital management.
UBS’ Wealth Management department delivers a wide-range of financial services to wealthy private clients in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America and North America. The services offered by UBS range from investment management, to corporate finance consulting, to retirement accounts to estate planning. One of the tenants of UBS is they will fine tune and tailor different programs to best meet the needs of the many clients that they have all around the world.

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While other banks separate their corporate accounts from their private accounts, UBS chose to combine them under a “Retail & Corporate” banking umbrella. Retail & Corporate encompasses all of UBS’ Business Solutions departments on their corporate banking side as well as a team of professionals working with individuals on their retail banking side. Their main focus moving forward in their Retail & Corporate division is expanding their advisory and execution services to both retail and corporate clients.
One of the main departments within UBS is their
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