The United Kingdom And Iraq During The Invasion Of Iraq

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The 2003 Invasion of Iraq began on 19 March and ended 1 May 2003 with coalition forces the United States and its allies (United Kingdom, Australia and Poland) invading Iraq, called Operation Iraqi Freedom. The United Kingdom Prime Minister at the time, Tony Blair felt that the threat of terrorism from Iraq must be dealt with immediately, with his speech in Texas 2002 saying that the United Kingdom must be prepared to act where weapons of mass destruction and terrorism loom over them. 1 The war ended quickly which resulted in the collation forces defeating the Iraq army and the capture and execution of Saddam Hussein. Many questions then arise on the United Kingdom involvement in the war. This essay will examine why the United Kingdom participated and the consequence for both the United Kingdom and Iraq during the invasion, which links back to present day consequences to the UK. The United Kingdom Prime Minister at the time Tony Blair perceived that Iraq processes Weapons of Mass destruction which can be used by terrorists and his judgment that Britain must keep that special relationship with the United States. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda on the United States, Britain had seen this as a threat to them. They believed that Saddam Hussein was in the possession of weapons of mass destruction and that he was linked with Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda. The United Kingdom views were one of premeditation that Saddam Hussein would provide weapons of mass
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